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       Bigarette - Herbal Mollasses - Brief about Bigarette & Co. and its Product
Bigarette & Co. is re-branded name of “Tobacco House” which was founded in 1948. We started offering organic tobacco blended smoking products in India.
Bigarette’s Tobacco Smoking series –
Bigarette Herbals started its way on herbal smoking 16 yrs back in 1999, with basic objective is to offer a harmless miracle herbal smoke and should be closer to tobacco, to each and every smoker in the world. In Herbal Series we offer Herbal Cigarettes, Herbal Bidies, Herbal Filtered Bidies, Herbal Dokha and Herbal Roll Your Own Smoking Mixtures.
Bigarette’s Herbal Shisha or Hookah –
Bigarettes Shisha journey was also started along with Herbal Smoke back in 19999, we blended Herbal Shisha or Herbal Molasses in 1999, but did not launched but recently we have introduced a unique blended Herbal Shisha and Herbal Molasses and branded as “Al Kayem”.
Today Bigarette & Co. is the largest Herbal Smoking and organic tobacco blended Smoking products provider in India and world's leading cost effective company with adopting an innovative and ultra modern concept of smoking.
Our Brands:
Black Swan
Alkayeem Mollases
Dokha Premium Smoke
8 A.M. Bidies
Black Swan
Herbal SMoke
Tobacco Products :
Black Swan Bidis
Black Swan Bigarettes
Black Swan Cigarettes
Pre Rolled Cones
Dokha - Premium Sun Dries Pipe Tobacco
Alkayeem Shisha Mollasses
Herbal Products :
Black Swan Bidies
Black Swan Bigarettes
Black Swan Cigarettes
Just One - Herbal Smoking Mixture
Alkayeem - Herbal Mollases
Herbal SMoke
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